The Five Names of Everett

Everett has had five names since 1738 when it was called Aliquippa after the Indian Chief Alliquippas.  In 1760 Bloody Run came to be after a massacre left the tiny stream running through town bloody red.
In 1770 the Widow Betsy Tussey had a popular Tavern in the area and the town picked up the name Tusseys.  When she died it reverted back to Bloody Run.  In 1795 the town adopted the name Waynesburg after the military figure Mad Anthony Wayne and it remained so until 1860 when Bloody Run surfaced again. In 1873 the town renamed itself after the noted orator Edward Everett who spoke at great lengths before President Lincoln made his famous Gettysburg Address.  And so it remains today.   At one point a portion of the town was named Tecumseh as is seen in an old atlas.

Based on information provided by Jeff Whetstone

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