Charles P. Ott

We've lived in Everett all of our lives, and our parents and grandparents lived in Everett all of their lives. We both like history, and we both like collecting local picture postcards. Is there a better way to connect with the past than through pictures? All of these postcards come from our personal collections, and it has taken many years of searching to find them. 
We can thank Charles Ott for all of the postcard views in this book, which give a wonderful look at what life was like in the Everett area over a hundred years ago. Charles Ott was born in Everett, in 1869, and died in 1935. He is buried in the Everett Cemetery. We know that he published at least 106 different postcards of the Everett area and sold them in the Ott Newsstand, located on the first floor of the D.B. Ott building, on East Main Street, next to the Union Hotel. We do not know who took the photos. It may have been John Mumper, who had a photograph studio on the top floor of the Ott building, which was around the same time period.
We both have a family connection to these postcard views. Barb's grandmother is on card #42 and another relative is on #59. Wayne's granddad is on card #16, and on #31, his granddad painted the sign that is above the bank door. The sign still hangs on the lobby wall in the M&T Bank. Wayne's granddad also painted the blinds that are on the windows of the Everett Supply Company on card #34. We hope that you will enjoy these cards as much as we do.

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There are still some Ott Postcard Books available.
They can be purchased at the Everett Free Library, Berneice's, or at the Station Museum (open every Saturday from April to November)

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