The Museum will be open on Saturday,  April  8.  11AM to 4PM.

The next BRHS meeting will be on May 1, at 6 P.M., at the Station Museum.  (First Monday of each Month, at the Museum, 6 PM)


Contact numbers:
814-652-9174 - Barb Hummel
814-652-6708 - Wayne Fluke
814-652-5258 - Barb Miller

For group tour information or to schedule a tour, contact:
John Nebel 814-623-8850

For press release and media information, contact
Patricia Morgart 814-847-2737

For museum volunteer information, contact:
Cathy Clark 814-652-0097

For Everett history information, contact:
Barbara Miller 814-652-5258

Find Us:

Bloody Run Historical Society
Everett Train Station
49 West 5th Street
Everett PA 15537

Bloody Run Historical Society
49 West 5th Street
Everett, Pa. 15537
The Bloody Run Historical Society is a non-profit organization whose mission is devoted to providing a historical resource base for the Everett area. We also help to foster the preservation and protection of historically significant artifacts of the Everett area. The Society shall collect, document, preserve, restore and display artifacts and information about Everett’s cultural, industrial and transportation history and heritage in the Everett Train Station Museum.